Which Sneakers are Better: Nike or Adidas? [Alternatives Included]

The competition between the two most famous shoe companies began a few decades ago. Two fan camps are competing with each other. Today, Nike and Adidas produce not only sports shoes, but also clothes, accessories, and equipment. What should be considered when choosing and buying?

Nike or Adidas

Differences Between Nike and Adidas: Company Profile

The world’s No. 1 brand in sport’s shoes is Nike. The German company Adidas is in second place. Both companies offer quality and comfortable sports shoes for everyday wear. Which company to give preference??Nike?sneakers for?men?and women or Adidas sneakers? Information on manufacturing companies will help to make a choice:

As you know, Nike sneakers are mainly chosen for basketball and jogging; football players and tennis players prefer Adidas.

Features of Choice- Nike or Adidas?

The products of both companies are in approximately the same price category; therefore, in addition to the financial side, one should rely on other criteria. What are Nike sneakers:

  • a wide selection of models;
  • original design;
  • high-quality materials;
  • air cushioning system;
  • use only natural materials;
  • foot ventilation;
  • the protector protects the foot from bumps.

You can buy Nike sneakers both for strength training and for running. Female models are presented in bright and unusual design. In turn, Adidas prefers classics. There are no bright colours, everything is reserved and calm. Other properties:

  • high quality and versatility;
  • practicality;
  • lightweight shoes thanks to seamless technology;
  • the material of the sneakers gives the foot the ability to breathe;
  • constant air circulation;
  • the ability to play sports on uneven rocky surfaces.

Plus, Nike sneaker is one of the best logos in the world. It is concise and recognizable, unlike the three bands of the Adidas brand, and is ideal for sports. Nike attracts people’s attention with its modernity. The company applies new technologies, is looking for new design solutions, something new and unusual. Adidas goes to the classics – three stripes will always be interesting for street youth. This is a traditional European design, while Nike is the shoes of the future. Therefore, it isn’t very easy to compare them; these two brands are very different.

Nike or Adidas? Any other Alternatives?

As you all know very well that Nike or Adidas are very costly in the Indian market. There are a number of alternatives that we can advise. You can browse through our collection of Colored Sneakers if you are looking for cheaper alternatives. We offer a wide range of sneakers from casual wear, funky sneakers, leather sneakers and many more.

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How Not to Buy Fake Nike or Adidas Sneakers?

You can buy Nike sneakers in company stores or order online. But, unfortunately, fake goods continue to arrive on the market. Well-known brands are faked most often. Therefore, before you buy Nike sneakers in India, you should pay attention to some nuances:

  • smooth, neat seams;
  • lack of glue and crevices;
  • the brand name is written in caps;
  • the sole is matte and rough;
  • the holes for the laces are carefully fixed;
  • lack of an unpleasant smell;
  • insole with vents, there is support on the sides and under the heel, the edges are curved, on the inside is the brand name;
  • inside the shoe, the sole should be perfectly flat, without bumps or grooves.

Sneakers must be packed in the original box. If the price of a pair is less than $ 90 – this is most likely a fake.

how to spot fake Nike or Adidas sneakers

What you need to pay attention to when buying Adidas sneakers:

  • the sticker on the inside of the tongue is sewn on quality, straight seams, all the necessary information is present;
  • the codes of the left and right shoes should be different;
  • The article number must correspond to the model from the official website;
  • sole under the insole with tightly pressed paper;
  • the insole itself has a logo on the outside;
  • smooth seams;
  • lack of an unpleasant smell and the remains of glue;
  • All stickers and stripes are symmetrical with clear labels.

There are even special programs with which you can determine the fake.

how to spot fake Nike or Adidas sneakers

It becomes clear that both companies produce high-quality sports products. Who better to say is hard. Each company has an army of fans. Every year, new models appear on the market, but the buyer makes a choice, taking into account his tastes.

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