“Every shoe is needed, every shoe is important.” Here, with such words, the year 2020 started, and despite the fact that designers create a certain lineup, they still do not refuse more adult models of sneakers. But be that as it may, in 2020 there are several favorites that you should definitely pay attention to. Know more about top trending sneakers.

In 2019, world designers spoke about their vision of fashionable sneakers, and their opinion on the main aspects does not quite coincide.


According to Versace, the sneakers should be bright and catchy in order to dilute the gray routine with them. Also in the new Versace collections, you can see a lot of color patterns.

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Balenciaga focuses on a massive sole, which is mainly performed in beige and white. Their main focus is a street style (street style), and all collections are created just for comfortable everyday wear.

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Dolce & Gabbana

They never cease to amaze everyone and focus on a bright print, gold, silver, and luxurious precious stones.

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Louis Vuitton 

Like Balenciaga, emphasizes the massive sole, but in a slightly different design. In the collections of the brand, models with a strongly curved sole are mainly seen.

Among the leading brands are also: Nike, Adidas, Fila, New Balance, Puma, Givenchy, Zara, Chanel, and Gucci. All of them are united by only one thing – the emphasis on the sole, and this is no accident because massiveness is in the trend of 2020.

Which Color to Choose?

Before heading for new sneakers, be sure to study the most fashionable shades of 2020. This season, the most stylish are considered bright colors, classic white and black, dusty pink and beige.

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In addition, the trendy catchy is animal print, geometry, and floral motifs. This option is ideal for creating a stylish bow in muted colors, where sneakers will become just the main accent.

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For the most daring fashionistas, designers offer gold and silver sneakers, as well as decor in the form of sequins, rhinestones, and stones.

And for those who want everything at once, there are models of sneakers with inscriptions and stones at the same time. For example, Gucci, which are the best in terms of outrageous.

Current Model of Sneakers

Over time, not only the trends in colors but also on the styles of sneakers change. What was in fashion last year may not be so in this one. Or vice versa, it may happen that the trend of five years ago will revive again.

In 2020, the styles of sneakers are a little surprising and confusing, since most of them ruin the standard idea of ??sports shoes. Of course, the classics have not gone anywhere, it is always in fashion and 2020 is no exception. But here we are not going to look at the usual sneakers for us, but at something new that will bring something unusual to our image.

Shoe Socks

Thanks to the Balenciaga brand, sneakers got into the fashion turn, for which many people loved it. Such sneakers differ from the usual ones because their upper is made of dense knitwear. And of course, even in such a model, it could not do without a high sole.

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Massive Sole

The big sole is the trend that girls and women love the most. A particularly high sole is on hand for short girls who want to be a little taller but do not really like heels.

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Sneakers on Platform

These sneakers are just made for you if you adore dresses and skirts, and generally do not prefer shoes at low speed.

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Classic White Sneakers

Such is relevant always and everywhere and will be a great addition to any look.?They look very neat on the leg, and due to this, they are appropriate even in the most delicate way.

Sneakers from Unknown Brand which are Popular in 2020

There are such models of sneakers that will be one hundred percent relevant this year, and therefore we have prepared for you a small rating of the best.

The massive Balenciaga sneakers that every fashionista dreams of taking first place in our ranking.

Nike Air Max 97 is certainly not new to this season, but they are so loved by many that they have not lost their leadership position for a long time.

If you are looking for a budget option, then pay attention to Fila disruptor. These sneakers are in no way inferior to famous brands!

To look stylish and expensive, you do not have to buy luxury sneakers, you can purchase excellent models in Zara, H&M, and Mango. There are always a lot of trending new products.

Let’s have a look at our budget-friendly collection of sneakers.

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How to Wear Colored Sneakers?

Fortunately or not, the days when sneakers were worn only with sportswear are long gone. Today you can create a stylish bow with absolutely any clothes, whether it be even an elegant dress. By the way, just using a dress and sneakers is an incredibly stylish option in 2020.

To get the bow successful, you need to play in contrast, i.e. make a bright accent only on the dress, or only on sneakers.


Sneakers in pastel shades look great in tandem with a dress in tone.

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If you want to combine sneakers with a coat, then this is possible. The main thing is that the coat is oversized, otherwise, a stylish bow will not work. This season, at the peak of the popularity of a check coat, which gives a little femininity.

Mom Jeans

Massive sneakers have proven themselves in combination with mom jeans or skinny shoes. Such an image can already be called a classic since it is relevant for more than one season, and even more than one year. Jeans, in this case, can be absolutely any color, in this regard, there are no restrictions.

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White Jeans

Just look great with beige / pink sneakers and white jeans. At the same time, the top should also be in a beige/pink palette, so that harmony in the image is respected.

Sneaker Socks with Dress

Sneakers socks go well with dresses, skirts, shorts, and jeans. Therefore, they can be called universal, and they are also very comfortable and light.

Sneaker With Bright Colors

If you are not afraid of bright colors, then be sure to use them as often as possible in images, especially in the spring-summer period. For example, you can wear a luxurious red skirt, a white T-shirt with a red print, and white sneakers.


If you like to be in the spotlight, then give preference to a black, gray, dusty pink or beige skirt. Also, no matter how strange it sounds, in 2019, a combination of classic trouser suits with sneakers is in fashion. It looks a bit unusual, but there is something in it.

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