The eternal difficult dilemma: beautiful heels or comfortable sneakers, the eternal classic or fashion sport is now resolved by itself. Leading fashion stylists loudly and boldly declared – sneakers to be such an unusual mixture of styles.

Sports shoes and clothes are actively continuing intervention in the world of the modern fashion. So the world of haute couture fell under the pressure of modern street fashion: sneakers confidently swung at the best world catwalks, effortlessly combining with a non-sports wardrobe. So the question of what to wear sneakers is now not at all idle.

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A Good Choice for all Occasions

Since sports style is in trend nowadays, the question of what to wear sneakers does not lose its relevance.

Highlights of choosing different models:

  • comfort – your legs should be very comfortable;
  • size – shoes on the foot should not hang loose, but also should not cause discomfort;
  • the material of manufacture must necessarily breathe;
  • comfortable fixation of the ankle should be provided in the product;
  • wear resistance and the ability to withstand heavy loads.

So, when buying sneakers, remember the basic rule: first try on seven times – then buy once. And then it?s up to you to decide how to wear sneakers and what to combine with.


Materials of Manufacture

With the popularization of sports models, the list of materials used for their production has expanded significantly, most often these materials are used in new products:

  • genuine leather, it is heavy-duty and, what’s important is breathable material;
  • artificial leather (eco-leather), compared to genuine, this analog has a lighter structure and an affordable price;
  • various mesh materials. They guarantee lightness and excellent air exchange;
  • suede and nubuck, used exclusively for urban walking options, looks chic and has a pleasant texture;
  • plastic and silicone, the bowl is used for decoration, production of inserts and individual elements, but there are also completely silicone options.
suede sneakers
balenciaga sneakers
suede sneakers

Fashionable Colors

The democratic policy of leading fashion designers made it possible to stay in trend with some classic hits and shine with completely new shades of the fashionable Olympus.

Fashionable color images, various combinations, a fantasy design game with shades and materials – this is a lot of new opportunities to answer the question of what to wear sneakers with. Design collections prove that today such shoes can be safely selected to any style and image. These shoes are in the TOP and have no right to be absent from the arsenal of true fashionistas.

Fashion designers offer two radically opposite ideas on the palette: from classic to the latest acid tones.

Fashion gurus voiced popular tones:

  • classic whites are present in various designs. Actively applied materials boiling white shade. And the question of what to combine white sneakers with is not a problem. This is a universal option. By the way, white shades of shoes complement well the most popular total white look;
  • black color. At the peak of popularity, sports models made of dark textiles with unusual clasps, chains, and other decorative elements;
  • pink options. Bright pink tones were seen in fashionable leather options and stylish suede. At the same time, pink sneakers can be combined with almost all the colors of hospitality and not only this, but there are also no strict restrictions;
  • a nude palette, especially a noble beige – a very relevant shade for sneakers;
  • trendy bright shades, all tones of the “acid” range are relevant both in a restrained monochrome and in unusual combinations;
  • all sorts of prints, the leading abstraction, animal motifs, graffiti.
SNEAKERS - Selection tips, and Trends of 2020 3
SNEAKERS - Selection tips, and Trends of 2020 5

Stylish sneakers with various models of such shoes are appropriate for girls and women of any age. So you should not limit yourself to one pair, you can safely settle in a wardrobe with at least two – classics and a trendy novelty. Fortunately, there is plenty to choose from – from traditional options to models with bright decor and even a touch of glamor.

sneaker trend

Look for Every Taste

The beauty of sneakers is that it is universal. In recent trends, it?s simply impossible to come up with a thing that sneakers would not combine with. Even with evening dresses, they are long and well-made friends. So there is a favorite ensemble for fans of various fashion trends.


CLASSIC STYLE: Sneakers with Jeans

A traditional ensemble with jeans is just the perfect option for a busy everyday life. Here is the simplest answer to the question of how and with what to combine sneakers. Complement this trend with a cozy sweater or your favorite sweatshirt of extraordinary colors with prints. At the peak of popularity, floral patterns. You can also choose a shirt, top or an interesting blouse.

SNEAKERS - Selection tips, and Trends of 2020 7

Decided to create a feminine look? Try a combination with a skinny and a showy top or flared models, appropriate even at a party.

Perfect pair for a Coat

The question often arises with what to wear sneakers in the spring. The answer is obvious – with fashionable feminine coats. It is always the choice of real ladies and the best solution for any occasion: on a date, at work in the office, on an evening walk. Add a white classic coat with a concise light or contrasting pair and the ensemble is ready.

Coat with classic sneakers
vintage style coat and sneakers

Overseas outerwear models look chic with massive sneakers and shortened ones with miniature models of this shoe. It is recommended to wear sneakers with an open coat, if desired, you can complement the ensemble with a fashionable scarf. You can select products to match each other and play in contrast.

Elegant combination: pink coat and matching sneakers.

Dress and Sneakers – an unexpected duet

A lovely tender with a summer dress is by no means a reason not to choose the appropriate sneakers for it. Such light outfits are elegantly combined with sports shoes, and as a finishing touch, you can put on jeans or a leather jacket.

For the summer, choose the trendy pleated models – in combination with sneakers, it looks charming, as well as light flying options of different lengths with a cute floral or floral print.

Stylish looks with sneakers and midi dresses.

Pairing Sneakers with Skirt

The warm season is a chic occasion to flaunt in delicate images with various skirts, complementing them with a comfortable pair of your favourite sneakers.?These successful combinations have the right to life, being practical and laid-back.

Moreover, in combination with sports models, both mini, midi, and maxi skirts of different cuts are appropriate.?For example, a French-length model is in perfect harmony with minimalistic shoes.?The skirt is better to choose a calm colour with a discreet print.

Sneakers fit perfectly with bows with skirts of any length and style.

A cropped flared skirt is elegantly combined with pairs on the platform or minimalistic monophonic sneakers and suits young girls. A shortened bright T-shirt will be able to complement this look.

Trench and Sports Mood

Trend’s unconditional outfit is a daring combination of a fashionable trench coat with stylish sneakers. One of the TOP demi-season images that will be irresistible is Wearing sneakers with a trench coat today means being a guru in the fashion world. Moreover, the color scheme is almost unimportant, but the combination in bright colors looks most spectacular.

Sneakers effectively diversify the looks with a classic trench coat.

Fashionable Combination Ideas with Sneakers

You will get a chic combination for the summer season by wearing seductive denim shorts and light sneakers, this option is especially relevant on vacation. This combination looks great on girls with long legs. This set can be complemented with a soft oversized sweater and a backpack. For greater showiness and tenderness of the combination, add the exact nylon socks, it will turn out incredibly fashionable.

denim shorts and sneakers combination

Dress up white breeches with classic high top sneakers. By the way, this combination is equally good for slender women, and for puffy ladies. You can complement the set with a T-shirt of an unobtrusive dark color and a voluminous stylish handbag.

A sporty look with breeches and high top sneakers looks great.

Fashionable sneakers and a grey cape are another super-trendy looks. A cozy and practical combination requiring additions in the form of boyfriends is perfect for a cool summer evening. Accessories are best chosen in the dark colors of the base palette, for example, brown. Advice, such a cozy look is best kept in pastel-light colors, focusing only on dark accessories, so choose a white T-shirt under the cloak.

A cozy and feminine look with sneakers.

From year to year, leading stylists present fashionable women stylish looks with a genuine leather jacket. Among the latest trends is an ensemble of leather with comfortable sneakers in a contrasting shade and a pencil dress in the color of the trigger. Such a monochrome combination looks both appealing and aggressive.

A bold casual bow with a black jacket and contrasting white sneakers.

A fashionable combination of the Season

The so-called sports shoes are universally used in unsportsmanlike looks. We offer you tips for a successful combination of fashionable sneakers with an unsportsmanlike wardrobe:

  • simplicity is the key to success, do not try to wear all the best at once. Sports models of shoes slightly simplify the female image, but at the same time give it seductiveness;
  • the selection of shades should be competent – do not resemble a bright parrot. Neon variations will be a successful conclusion to the image in soothing colors, it is better to complement a bright look with plain shoes;
  • combination of textures. How to wear leather sneakers? Naturally, with clothes in which there are individual elements of leather so that the structure and texture overlap;
  • focus on a sense of proportion. Do you think that the overall image is somewhat overloaded? Change something urgently. A sense of proportion is simply necessary here, especially be attentive to models on a high platform.
Properly selected sneakers will make each look unforgettable and bright.

A Bold Step Forward

Created exclusively for an active lifestyle, today sneakers from fitness clubs have stepped onto the streets and boldly walk along with them. These sneakers will add a touch of dynamism and ease to any look, allowing you to look stylish and not sacrifice your comfort at the same time. By the way, special merit in this belongs to the world-famous Isabelle Marant, because it was she who created the comfortable model on a wedge and three Velcro, which is a short span of time gained unprecedented popularity.

Sneakers of la Isabelle Marant are always relevant.


How and with what to wear sneakers outside the usual sports looks? We break all stereotypes, the benefit of fashion is tearing patterns, radically changing our views on the compatibility of individual items of women’s wardrobe. Therefore, you can wear sports shoes with skirts, dresses, and even evening dresses, the main thing is not to be afraid of experiments and know the measure in the search for outrageous.

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