Sneaker Styling Tips for Men in 2020..! Pick your best 3 !

Who doesn’t like to sneaker styling? Sneakers, due to their convenience and comfort, have firmly established themselves in fashion. How to wear men’s sneakers? You can wear sneakers with everyday clothes: jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters, t-shirts, sweatshirts. In addition to sneakers, you can seal the deal with other sporting elements like a baseball cap or bag.

A separate topic is sneakers in the official style (suit). For a long time, a man in a strict suit and sports shoes will not surprise anyone but in 2020, this combination speaks of good taste and following fashion trends.There are bunch of sneaker styling hacks in the world.we will discuss step by step.

Sneakers and sneakers from the collections of 2020

Fashion sneaker styling

In the new season, classic and minimalism remain relevant. First of all, these are white sneakers and the famous Converse sneakers. But still in the foreground in 2020 there will be trendy new items: bulky sneakers, colorful sneakers, models with a futuristic design.Sneaker styling is not only fashion but also sneaker addicted life!

Men's sneakers 2020

To many, they will seem ridiculous, but this is only at the beginning. What can you do if designers were overwhelmed by the all-consuming love of retro? The sneaker styling of the 90s and zero came back – from here there is so much brightness and brilliance not only in shoes but also in clothes.

Fashionable in 2020 men's sneakers

As an alternative to classics and bulky sneakers, fashion stylists advise considering the Balenciaga lineup. Shoes look like socks, only with sports soles.

Balenciaga sneakers

But, of course, the most restrained option would be sneaker styling , shoes – a kind of mixture of sports and officialdom.

Casual Men's Sneakers

The color scheme in 2020 is either multicolored or nude (merging with a skin tone). At the peak of popularity are colored sneakers. The use of several contrasting colors is in fashion these days. And keeping the trend in mind, Converse decided to add a little glitter (sparkle) to the men’s collection of sneakers. In general, in the new season, every man or young guy will be able to find sneakers to their liking.

Everyday looks

The only thing you can?t wear sneakers with is a tracksuit. This is considered bad manners in everyday life. It is better to leave a completely sporty look for the gym, morning jogging or going outdoors. Otherwise, there are no restrictions.

The combination of jeans and sneakers in 2020

Be it sneakers, white or colored sneakers, you can safely wear jeans with them. And it can be of absolutely any style: shortened, wide sports on an elastic band, with patch pockets.

Fashionable men's images with sneakers - 2020. Sneaker styling tips.

As an alternative, you should pay attention to cotton ankle-length trousers or trendy pants with stripes in 2020.

Summer men's looks with sneakers and cotton pants

What upper wear will go with sneakers? The options are also more than enough. Under blue, green and generally multi-colored sneakers, it is better to choose plain clothes. It can be a beige, black or white cardigan or sweatshirt. Layering in the image is relevant. For example, it will look very stylish if you wear a shirt with a thin sweater.

Men's in sneakers, shirts and jumpers. Sneaker styling tips

The standard option is a plain white shirt with a dark color sweater.

Sneakers with business clothes

Today it is fashionable to combine office and sports style. And although the combination looks like a random set of clothes, the fact is they are not. It is important to observe several rules, otherwise, the look will turn out not stylish, but sloppy.

  1. Choose tailor-made business suits that fit perfectly.
  2. Pants can be with an arrow, with upside-down, shortened, but not of a classic length.
Men in business suits and sneakers.

Do you doubt the image? Then you can leave only one business detail – for example, a jacket. Or wear narrowed trousers under sneakers. By the way, it is very fashionable to experiment with the length of the trousers. In 2020, stylists advise looking at the strict breeches of costume fabric and trousers to the middle of the calf.

Men's sneakers styling and sneakers in business images

A discreet look comes with brown sneakers. The pair is very reminiscent of men’s shoes, so it does not particularly stand out from the business style.

How to wear at different times of the year

The options for clothing with which you can wear men’s sneakers, as well as the choice of a pair, greatly depend on the time of year. In summer, mint-colored sneakers are more relevant than ever. In spring and autumn, blue, yellow and green crosses will look bright and juicy. And for winter, high sneakers resembling boots are ideal.

So, with what to combine shoes in different seasons?

  • Summer. In the sunniest time of the year, men’s sneakers fit with white print t-shirts and light blue jeans. A trendy look will turn out if you wear stylish breeches and a short-sleeved shirt. And you can combine sneakers with shorts and a shirt worn over a T-shirt. Do not forget about accessories: hats, baseball caps, glasses, watches, belts, waist bags, etc.
  • Autumn. Autumn time is famous for its dampness. Therefore, it is good to choose a windproof warm elongated jacket or coat for your favorite pair. A scarf and a beanie hat will complement the image in cold weather. And if the weather allows, you can wear sneakers with a business suit. For informal meetings and walks in the city, a look with a leather jacket and skinny jeans is ideal.
  • Winter. Winter models of sneakers are very popular, they are worn by men of all ages. Best of all, they fit into the look with down jackets and coats. From hats, you can choose a volumetric knitted model, hat, beanie hat. It all depends on the stylistic direction in which the look is going.
  • Spring. It is a time of bright colors and fresh ideas. In the new season, it is trendy to wear sneakers with elongated denim jackets with print, retro stripes. Stylists advise conservative men to pay attention to a successful combination of sneakers, raglans, and a jacket. Young guys will surely like the look of sneakers with a sweatshirt and a bomber jacket. In the spring, jeans with holes on their knees will be very welcome. Try a few other options to see which one is closer to you.


Men’s sneakers are not just comfortable shoes. Today, designers create a lot of models that are able to emphasize the style and personality of any man. And now, sneakers have long been part of the office dress code. No one is now surprised by the combination of ironed trousers, a jacket, and a sneaker, neither on the street, nor in a restaurant, or at important negotiations. Try it, it is not only stylish but also very convenient.

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