Two Wheels Luminous LED Sneakers (Blue Pink Led)


These are the most unique kind of LED sneakers you can find in the market. It has a thick bottom with intricate design along the sole. It comes in three solid colors pink, blue and black with a solid colored shoelace. These fancy shoes will light up in the dark giving an enchanting look.

These LED Sneakers are designed for youth interested in classy designs.
This LED sneaker is easy for a child to put on and take off on their own thanks to its elastics and rip-tab. The foot is supported with laces that won’t come out naturally.


Sole with injection-molded premium foam (EVA) heel.



The shoe’s high-rise and rip-tab support your child’s foot.



No more laces to tie up! Quick and easy for your child to put on!


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Black, Blue, Pink


2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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These unusual shoes in addition to the fashionable look have rollers in the sole so you can not only walk but also ride!

Each shoe is equipped with two rollers/wheels. The rear roller is activated by a button located on the back of the shoe on the heel and can be retracted or extended at any time.

Optionally, you can put a second roller on the front or remove it, a special device for prying is used, and the place after removing the roller can be secured with plugs included in the kit.

After storing/removing the rollers, shoes can be used like classic sports shoes!

The led backlight turns on automatically at every step (stamping) or can be turned on / off at any time using the button hidden by the shoe tongue.



Two Wheels Luminous LED Sneakers (Blue Pink Led) 4

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Two Wheels Luminous LED Sneakers (Blue Pink Led) 5
Two Wheels Luminous LED Sneakers (Blue Pink Led)