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Today, we all love these high fashion kicks ?sneakers?, and wear them on every occasion. The first pair of sneakers was debuted in 1800, and it was a luxury at that time. It went on and on and now we have an era of sneakers which turned into chic from the street. One cannot imagine living his life without sneakers. These are really important for the comfort and safety of our feet compared to other footwear. Let’s dive deep into how you can buy the best pair of sneakers for yourself in 2020.

However, the ?best looking? term is very subjective. The sneakers you adore might not be even liked by the other people. So before we overthink about the good looks of your Sneaker, let’s think about the one which is primarily comfortable for you. As sneakers are made for daily use, your feet should feel like home in it. Whether it’s a party or office, you can get pairs of sneakers for any of those occasions.

Characteristics of the Right Shoe

According to a scientific survey, people use their feet to walk almost five times the circumference of the earth. Now you must be thinking that it’s a lot. Still, we rarely give attention to our feet and footwear. Shoes are in fact, the most essential part of our appearance. No other clothing article can fit precisely and perform mechanical functions like distributing body weight. Incorrect footwear can cause problems in knees, hips, lower back, and lower legs aside from foot discomfort. In the elderly, falls are a quite common result of wearing poorly fitted shoes.

Many characteristics are responsible for being the right shoe. Do not think about price as one of the factors. Even a high budget shows can offer inappropriate footwear, and not all famous brands guarantee quality. You can consider these things as good qualities of sneakers  following:

1. Roomy Enough

Shoes are meant to give protection to your toes. There should be a sufficient gap in both in-depth and width at the front side of your shoe. While you walk, your foot spreads in each direction till 1 CM, at least. Your toes are the most sensitive part of your feet that require enough area to feel free. Choose a shoe that is longer compared to your longest toe by just half or full centimeter.

2. Adjustable

Every sneaker must have an adjustable strap like Velcro or laces to adjust it according to the individual needs.

3. Stable

Heel support or heel cup of the shoes should be stable and soft to prevent unnecessary horizontal and vertical heel movement.

4. Max 1-in Heel

The heel of typical shoes should not be more than one inch in height, which is 2.5 CM. More extended heel than that can make your ankle unstable and result in sprains or forefoot pain.

5. Good Condition

Do not keep wearing your old footwear which is too worn down, they must have definitely lost a few of their essential functions. Running or working out inworn-out shoes can create extra stress and have an impact on your joints and legs, leading to overuse injuries. The study has suggested that running shoes should be changed after every 300 to 400 miles.

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Running Shoes

Running shoes is very important compared to other regular shoes as they can have a more significant effect on your health. They obviously serve more benefits than regular sneakers as they are specifically designed for running. Remember these tips before you purchase another running shoe


You might already know if you are a runner that outsole is the bottom of the shoe. Outsole mainly has two types of rubber, which are blown rubber and carbon rubber. Blown rubber is flexible, lightweight and cushioned while carbon rubber is a dense material and stiff. You will always see a split heel and flex grooves on an excellent running shoe. Outsole’s forefront has flex-grooves cut horizontally across it.

It helps in allowing your feet to flex and roll naturally while running. Split heel develops the inner and outer pieces of the outsole. You can run more efficiently heel to toe if your shoes have a right split heel.

Midsole Characteristics

The midsole is responsible for absorbing all the shock your shoe gets from abrupt movements. It lies between the outsole and upper shoe. It is an essential part of a running shoe as it helps in cushioning and supporting the shoe.

EVA and polyurethane generally are the two types of cushioning found in footwear. EVA is a lightweight material providing limited durability and stability. While polyurethane is is denser and stable, which makes your shoe heavier. You will know which midsole suits your feet better after you try them on.

If you are looking for overall stability, consider the stiff materials which make the midsole. These medial or inner part of the shoe prevents extra inward rolling. Heavy and dense materials are used as midsole to increase stability.

Upper Characteristics

It comprises of the outer body of the shoe. The upper body of these running shoes is mostly lightweight, heavy-duty leather. The material used for the upper body determines the comfort, stability, and a snug fit.

The last point to keep in mind is the shape of your running shoe. They come in 3 forms, which are semi-curved, curved and straight. It depends on the particular foot shape that one of these will be most suitable for you. Always avoid wearing running shoes with the small toe box as it can lead to pain and cramping.

As you can see, usually, you would need to consider all of these steps before getting a pair of sneakers. But in our website, you will come across the sneakers and running shoes, which are perfect in the sense of comfort and fashion. You will not have to worry about midsole or toe box while purchasing our sneaker as they outshine these criteria.

Exclusively, we have filtered out our best collection of running sneakers for you.



How is Sneaker different than a Sports Shoe?

Even though sports shoes are meant to be for running and playing, people don’t hesitate to wear them every day. The specialty of sports shoes is that it contains more cushion in the inner part to comfort the feet. And nowadays the design of sports shoes are not so different than a regular sneaker.

  • Sneakers are believed to be more versatile and fashionable being used for multi-purpose. Sports shoes are specially made for the specific purpose while sneakers are casual
  • Sports shoes possess lateral support unlike sneakers
  • Sports shoes have a shock-absorbing material compulsorily while sneakers may or may not have it
  • Sports shoes have non-scuffing soles while sneakers don’t

Both of them have their own properties and used for their own purposes. So we cannot really argue for which one is better, but we can definitely guarantee you will find the best collection of both in our Store.

Benefits of Walking Shoes

A well-fitted pair of walking shoes is essential for the walking routine. The correct pair of shoes is an integral part of your foot care regime. You can take care of your feet in a lot of ways as they bear a lot of weight and a burden every day. It’s your choice to make a perfect selection depending upon the daily routine and your needs.

Let’s look at various advantages of walking shoes:

1. Shoes Repair your Back Structure and Alignment

You may have never thought about this before, but your footwear plays a crucial role in maintaining your rear alignment. Providing a primary guard of protection, it also helps in giving mechanical support which develops the foundation structure of your body. It can combat the situation by distributing your body weight and saving you from unnecessary wear and tear.

2. Correct your Walking

The right footwear will improve your body posture and balance while you walk. On the other hand, poorly fitted shoes can cause even more pain or also cause an injury. Correct fitting will make sure that your balance during walking or exercising doesn’t go out of line. Good quality footwear should be strong enough to provide all his benefits.

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Here is our exclusive collection of walking sneakers only for your style.

Colored sneakers
Colored sneakers

Leather Shoes

Leather has been in shoemaking business since a millennium. Leather is now believed to be a sign of luxury. It is the most common material for making shoes and by far also the most popular one. Its rich leather texture is enough to impress anyone. Other than its look, it also possesses a lot of benefits.

1. Strength

There is no doubt in how sturdy leather shoes are. When you get a pair of leather shoes, the first thought is to take good care of them. The idea is tremendous, but leather is beyond delicacy. The real leather is durable and can retain the quality for a very long time.

They are highly flexible and stretch according to the shape of your feet without getting damaged at all.

2. Leather Shoes are kind to the Wallet

It can be hard to believe because leather shoes are expensive compared to regular sneakers. But it will be acceptable if you think that at such premium price you are getting a more premium quality too, especially in the case of genuine leather products. Leather fabric is very durable and rough and tough such that it can last many years.

3. Leather Shoes can Breathe

Your feet will feel free and breathe if your footwear breathes too. Leather is very beneficial for the feet as it takes care of the bad smell and nasty odors. Avoid buying cheap leather products as it offers none of these qualities; only pure leather can keep your feet happy.

4. Easy to Clean

It can be hard work to take your time out of your busy schedule and clean your shoes, but with leather, that’s not the case. Leather shoes are low maintenance products, and it is effortless to take care of them. All you need is a mild soap detergent and you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth. Some may prefer using a leather cleaner. Cleaning your shoes once a month will keep them shining throughout the following days.

5. Leather is Eco-Friendly

Leather is a natural product, requiring the involvement of zero chemicals while manufacturing, which has resulted in minimal pollution and safe environment. The fabric is biodegradable, so even after you dispose of your old leather shoes, they will not be harming our ecosystem.

6. Leather is Timeless

People can have different perspectives, but fashion is a fact. Leather was and never will go out of style. It can save your reputation in any occasion. Fortunately, leather is very durable because you can use it over the years, and it will still stay the same. If you’re a leather lover like us, you will end up getting multiple pairs.

Here is a Quick Guide on how to buy the perfect sneaker – A Guide to Buying Perfect Leather Sneakers

Here is our best collection of leather sneakers exclusively for your comfort.

Leather sneaker
Black Leather sneakers

Getting the Best Sneakers

Considering the comfort, benefits, and fashion, the leather shoe is much more than its price tag. Looking at all the benefits, its cost may seem negligible to a true appreciator. Leather shoes can give a lifetime of freedom to your feet. So without wasting any more time, get yourself some pairs of quality leather shoes from the options below:

1. Extreme Quality Black Men’s Leather Casual Fashion Sneakers

These are semi formal-casual men’s shoes. Best in the quality, its black color gives it its aesthetic look and trendy appearance. You can select your feet size, starting from size number 6.5 to 12.

Black Leather Men's Sneakers
Put Your Best Feet Forward with our New Sneakers 2


2. Colorful High Top Shoes

These funky shoes are highly multicolored, giving them a cheerful look. Girls love to wear these on parties or an outing. Extremely comfortable for walking, running, or cycling, they also excel in style. These are available in two sizes, 4.5 and 4.

Multi colored Women Sneakers


3. Two Wheels Luminous Sneakers Blue Pink LED

Perfect gift for your children, we present you these led shoes. With glooming bottom, it will excite your child to maintain his playful activities. The led shows up while tapping feet on the ground. Available in 3 colors, pink, blue, and black. You can choose your perfect feet size from no. 1 to 13.5.

Kids LED Sneakers


4. Casual Sneakers for Men

Made from premium leather, these raw-looking shoes are stronger than any other sneakers. It is exceptionally suitable for road trip hiking or any such rough activity. It is available in three colors grey, wine, and khaki. You can choose your perfect feet size form 6 to 11.

Leather Sneakers



Footwears are meant to relax and comfort your feet as much as possible. It is advisable to invest your time in choosing the right pair of sneakers. It should be flexible instead of being stiff to permit your feet to roll smoothly, starting from heel to toe while taking a step forward. Stiff shoes will sustain you from doing your movements efficiently and will eventually cause immense foot pain. Flexible and thick soles are good at absorbing shock. Instead of going for a high heel, prefer the flats providing good cushion. The best kind of sneakers available in the market is the ones mentioned above. Get yourself some pairs and make your feet happy.

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