How to Wash Sneakers? The right way!

Looking for the right way to wash sneakers? We tell you how to return a decent appearance to shoes. We recommend that you read our instructions before washing your favorite pair, and then drying it on a battery so that you do not have to throw your sneakers ahead of time. Sneakers are costly! Here is a quick guide on how to select the best sneaker for your foot.

how to wash sneakers
Two pairs of running shoes, red and grey, put on the clothes hanger to dry in the sun after washing inside the back of the house.

Seven Steps to Wash Sneakers

Manufacturers of sports shoes say that sneakers can only be washed by hand. Nevertheless, the runners’ extensive personal experience suggests that a washing machine can be harmless if you follow simple rules:

Carefully inspect your running shoes. 

If there have glued elements on it, it is better to wash sneakers by hand: there is a high risk that after washing, you will find these elements in the drum of the machine separately from the shoes. Also, do not machine wash sneakers if your sneakers are made of genuine or artificial leather. Here is a quick guide on How to Buy a Perfect Leather Sneaker. Most modern sneakers are made of synthetic materials that can carry dozens of washings.

Pull the laces and insoles. 

It is better to wash them with soap separately, especially if these are individual orthopedic insoles.

Under running water, clean the soles of dirt, pebbles, leaves, and other debris that could get in the tread pattern. For this purpose, you can use disposable Chinese chopsticks, toothpicks, and even matches.

Put your sneakers in a laundry bag,

which you can buy at a hardware store or online. An alternative can be an old pillowcase. An old towel is also useful for washing in a typewriter: it will fill the empty space and soften the blows of the shoes on the drum. Nevertheless, be mentally prepared for the sound with which your running shoes will knock out: for the first time, it may surprise.

how to wash sneakers
how to wash sneakers the right way!

Set the minimum temperature!

The water should be cold. High temperatures are likely to deform your sneakers. From the many washing programs, choose the shortest and most delicate. Turn off machine drying mode.

After the completion of the wash cycle, your work does not end there. 

Sneakers need to dry! 

For this, it is convenient to use white paper towels or napkins. Blot the boot by removing excess moisture. Then put a new, dry piece of towel inside the shoe – to maintain shape. Set to dry, away from batteries and other sources of heat. By the way, it is better not to use newspapers for drying, as printing ink can stain shoes inside. After the sneakers have dried, you can treat them with a moisture-proof spray for shoes.

If for some reason,

you are afraid to wash sneakers in the washing machine (there are leather elements, there is no delicate washing mode), you will have to do everything manually. Rinse the sneakers from dirt, gently wash them with soap and a brush (use a hard-bristled brush only for the sole, and a soft brush for cloth), then rinse thoroughly. And set to dry, as described in paragraph 6.

Wash Sneakers as rarely as possible

After each run, remove the insoles for ventilation, and wipe the sneakers themselves with a damp cloth.

Stay healthy! Stay foolish!

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