Suede shoes always look very attractive. This type of sneaker is chosen by people with a subtle sense of style and original taste. However, some are still afraid to buy sneaker or boots from suede, as it is well known that this is very moody and requires constant care.

Experts advise you not to deny yourself the pleasure of wearing a beautiful thing, having studied the basic rules for caring for suede sneakers. In particular, suede shoes need to be able to dry properly so that the material does not lose its elasticity and softness.

Suede is a material used including for the manufacture of shoes. Natural suede is made from animal skin using fat tanning. Such material is characterized by a soft, velvety and thin coating. Faux suede practically does not differ from natural and has a fine pile, which absorbs water perfectly, becoming coarse.


As they say, it is better to prevent the disease than to treat it. Same is the case with shoes/sneakers – you need to take care of it immediately, without waiting for pollution and getting wet. Suede shoes/sneakers must be treated with a special spray – it is designed to protect your shoes from moisture, salt, dust and dirt. Before processing, sneakers should be wiped with a soft cloth and then dried. It is believed that the procedure itself should be carried out three times in a row, drying the shoes after each treatment.

To clean suede sneakers, you will have to create special brushes:

  • a hard porous sponge to eliminate the upper layer of dust,
  • a brush with rubberized teeth to get rid of greasy deposits and stains,
  • and a crepe brush to add velvet to the pile.

Flannel and silk rags are also useful. The main thing is to use all these tools you need to be extremely soft, without pressing, as if you are stroking shoes.

Brush for cleaning suede sneakers


In any case, do not wash suede shoes under running water – just clean it with a special foam and brushes. In summer, dust and dirt are dangerous for suede, in winter – salt and reagents that process ice.

After each cleaning, the shoes must be thoroughly dried: on average, moisture completely leaves suede after twenty hours. Accordingly, it is better to have at least one more pair of shoes in reserve – then they will serve you much longer.

Forget about batteries, heaters and hair dryers – suede boots will not appreciate your efforts. Such shoes must be dried at normal room temperature, away from heat sources.

Crumpled sheets of newspaper can be placed inside the shoes – so that paper lumps densely fill the shoes, but do not deform them. The newspaper absorbs moisture – if necessary, wet lumps can be replaced with fresh ones. This method is good for preventive drying, and for subsequent cleaning of shoes, and as a rescue of shoes after falling into a puddle. Take care of suede shoes correctly – and you won?t have to deny the pleasure of wearing it.

How to Wash Suede Shoes?

Suede is quite intolerant of water procedures and the influence of detergents, if improperly maintained, it can lose its beautiful appearance once and for all. It is absolutely unacceptable to use a washing machine or to soak in water when cleaning shoes made of such material.

From excess water and improper care, your dear suede boots (sneakers, boots) can simply become clogged and roughened. There are several effective tools and ways to wash suede shoes at home, as well as how to dry them properly.

Soapy water and Ammonia

It should be remembered that you should not try to wash fresh dirt from a suede surface, it is better to let it dry. We make a foamy solution of liquid or simple laundry soap, add a few drops of ammonia to it. The resulting mixture is carefully processed boots or other kinds of shoes, paying special attention to areas with high pollution.


If the surface of the suede is very dirty, you can delicately clean it with fine-grained emery paper, and then treat it with a weak solution of a table or apple vinegar. This method is also effective in the fight against white spots from dampness.

Rubber brush

Minor spots are removed by brushing with a rubberized pile, if you don?t have one, you can use a regular eraser.


In the event that a greasy stain appears on the surface of boots, sneakers or other suede shoes, or the shoes begin to shine, you need to thoroughly sprinkle shiny areas with talcum powder for the body or baby powder.

After that, the shoes should stand for several hours, after a specified period of time, you need to clean it with a stiff wire brush. In addition, it will be necessary to treat the boots with soapy foam, in order to avoid the appearance of white spots. After the cleaning process, suede products must be dried for at least 12 hours.


A great way to restore the attractive appearance of suede products is ordinary water vapour. This method is effective if the boots have not been used for a long time after the summer season, and the pile is broken on them. To do this, simply hold them over a pot of boiling water for several minutes, and then give the suede the necessary direction with a brush.

Toilet soap

In order to clean light-coloured suede shoes, you can use dry toilet soap, unlike the laundry one, it does not leave an atypical shade. Also, light shoes can be put in order with the help of diligent elastic.

Suede stain remover

The modern market of household chemicals is replete with a variety of ready-made means for the care of suede shoes. One of them, the simplest and most effective is the stain remover. It has a foamy structure that can be applied to stains with a napkin. After drying, the boots (sneakers, shoes) simply wipe with a cloth. This shoe care product allows you to wash even stubborn dirt at home.

How to Dry Suede Sneakers?

It is important to remember that no matter what method of cleaning or washing suede is chosen, products from it are properly dried by natural air circulation. In an attempt to speed up the process, you should not resort to the help of a hairdryer, heaters or the sun, otherwise, you risk deforming the shape of your favourite boots or sneakers, and their surface may become rough.

Properly dry sneakers for about 20 hours, periodically changing the position of the shoe. If moisture has got inside, then you can dry your shoes with the help of old newspapers, for this you need to put them inside and, as the paper gets wet, change it until it dries completely.

If you are a happy owner of one or several pairs of shoes made of artificial or natural suede, then in order to maintain its good exterior you will need:

  • Napkin made of flannel (you can also use soft knitwear);
  • Rubber bristle brush;
  • Eraser (eraser);
  • Spray with paint of the right colour;
  • Means for protection against dirt and moisture;
  • Soap (you may need both household and toilet).

So, to keep the material neat, you can not resort to sources of an open fire in order to speed up the process. Complete these simple tasks and will be happy for a long time with clean and new boots.

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