There is a moment in everyone’s life when your casual sneakers get wet after a walk on a bad day, or sharply, there is a need to put on sneakers washed the day before. Involuntarily, you ask yourself: how quickly and most importantly is it right to dry your sneakers?

How to dry your sneakers?

Sneakers, in comparison with many other types of shoes, have an indisputable advantage – they can be washed in a washing machine. This procedure allows you to easily clean them from contamination, although after it there is a need to dry the sneakers without spoiling their appearance quickly.

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Prepare Sneakers for Drying

Before you start drying the sneakers, you must open your sneakers as much as possible, and all excess moisture removed. For this, you need to remove the insoles and laces from the shoes, they need to be dried separately, and straighten all the folds. Wipe off excess moisture immediately with an old towel, which will significantly speed up the process. Clean the dirt of the sneakers that got wet in the rain before drying. Suede shoes, on the contrary, must first be dried, and then remove the dust.

Use the right room for drying

On a bright sunny day, it’s easiest to dry your sneakers after washing in the fresh air. But if the window is damp, cold, or there is absolutely no such possibility, then drying shoes should be carried out in a warm, dry, and well-ventilated or ventilated room. Also, the working heating or the “warm floor” system will positively affect the speed of the process.

Take Sneaker color into account

There are times when, after washing or drying, the color of the shoe changes or stains remain on it. Especially often, the white sneakers beloved by many suffers from this. This most often appears as a result of using a large amount of powder, but white sneakers can be painted both when washing simultaneously with colored products, and when drying, this mostly happens due to dyes contained in the filler, for example, newsprint. Therefore, drying newspapers with light sneakers is not recommended.

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Try some old ways to Dry Sneakers


The most common and most extended way to dry your sneakers. Just crumple a newspaper and stuff it into sneakers. Check after a while and replace the newspaper if necessary. True to the real smell may not add the most pleasant aroma of a damp newspaper.


Pretty popular way, but too old-fashioned. You will need to heat the salt in a pan or baking sheet. Pour it into the toe and spread it inside the wet shoes. Repeat this procedure until the sneakers give up all the moisture. Not very fast and somewhat strange for the 21st century. Plus, the reaction of materials to salt will not always be predictable.

Baking soda

The method is similar to “salty.” The advantage is that it also allows you to remove the unpleasant odor of moisture in the shoes, and you do not need to heat the soda. However, it can scatter on sneakers and will have to spend time on its removal. The procedure usually takes 6-8 hours.


The best way for leather shoes or any other natural material. You will need to fill the box with rice and lower your sneakers with the sole up, so croup fills them from the inside. Rice will need a lot, but only 4 hours. Pretty useful and troublesome way.

Bonfire coals

An offer for those who in caught rain, but need to go further. It’s all like salt. Only in socks is it better to put foil so as not to burn them. The method is original but problematic. Where to find coals in the rain, and why carry foil with you? Although on a real trip, all this should be at hand. But it’s easier to buy high-quality waterproof shoes.

Do not speed up the process by radical methods

Immediately after washing in the machine, many may get tempted to carry out the drying procedure as quickly as possible, using heating devices such as a heating battery, hairdryer, or even a microwave. It is strongly discouraged to do this since high temperature and uneven drying can lead to unpleasant consequences

More modern approaches to Dry Sneakers

Vacuum cleaner

There are two methods for drying a shoe with a vacuum cleaner. The first – remove the nozzle and spend at least 20 minutes on each shoe, drawing moisture from the inside. Of course, in 20 minutes, they will not dry completely, but this will significantly speed up the drying process. The second ? turn on the vacuum cleaner and substitute shoes to the place from which air gets inside directly. We still recommend the first method.


This method is similar to a vacuum cleaner. Important Note: Use only cold air. Otherwise, the materials of manufacture may be substantially deformed.


We fix the sneakers with s-shaped hooks on the fan, after opening them as much as possible and unlacing them. We turn on the equipment at maximum speed. We wait for about an hour and get almost dry shoes. The only negative is that there may be an inconvenience due to the size of the sneakers.

Silica gel

Wonder balls that are not appreciated. The easiest way. Put silica gel bags in sneakers and wait as much as possible. Enjoy the result. We recommend that you dry the balls on the battery after the procedure to use them again and again. You can find more extravagant and radical methods. For example, the use of cat litter.

Shoe dryer

The best option for the membrane material, as, or tissue variations – this is undoubtedly a specialized technique. By it is meant electric drying or drying machines for shoes. More advanced versions include warm air blasting or UV treatment.

Tumble dryers are rarely installed in apartments, they are usually used in laundries, but nothing prevents optimizing it for home conditions. Manufacturers claim that drying sneakers should take no more than 20 minutes, depending on the type, model of machine, and material of the sneakers. This procedure is simple – put the shoes in the car, set the desired drying mode, and you’re done. The problem is that such dryers take up a lot of space, and for cheaper types of machines, that is, working according to the exhaust principle, a separate container for collecting moisture is required. Condensing dryers do not require this, but much more money is needed to purchase them.

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Is it possible to dry running Sneakers on the battery and other types of errors?

Everyone needs to know this. Never attempt to dry your shoes on a battery. The temptation is great, as is the likelihood that the shoes will be spoiled. There are several key characteristics of this drying method:

shoes are not uniformly dried;

the skin can easily crack;

the membrane loses its qualities;

glued parts will disappear.


There are so many ways to dry your sneakers, but which one to choose? Of course, the tumble dryer is the fastest, practical, and modern style, but it cannot always fit harmoniously into the interior of the home. A small portable dryer is a miserable parody. You can learn more about drying soaking wet shoes in this blog.

As an option – silica gel. A vacuum cleaner, judging by the reviews of the owners, is the best option of those that are always at hand and do not require additional investment. After all, a vacuum cleaner is now in almost any family. At the same time, it is impossible to cross out any of the above types of drying sports shoes. In their combination lies success. For example, stuffing sneakers with a newspaper and hanging it over the fan, you will quickly dry your favorite sneakers rapidly, and at the same time, will remove the unpleasant odor. The weather is right now, so why not experiment.

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  1. Sometimes it’s easy to clean the shoe. But most of the time it’s really hard to clean the shoe quickly. I tried various ways to clean the shoe quickly like: Vacuum cleaner, Hairdryer, etc. I think Hairdryer is the easiest way to clean the shoe quickly.


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