A Complete Guide on Getting a Pair of LED Sneakers

Whether you wish to go to a dance club, disco night, or a stage performance, LED sneakers will light up your day. These color-changing glooming shoes have been trending fora long time; it’s time to get a pair for yourself.

Our website includes varieties of LED sneakers for kids as well as adults. You may get a chance to grab the discount offers from time to time on a maximum collection of pairs of sneakers.

How is LED Sneaker different from Regular Sneakers?

Lighted sneakers have been quite popular among kids and adults since the 90s. Previously, shoes that lighted up at the bottom were the only ones available, but now there are varieties. Bottom lit, as well as whole-body lit features, are available today. Immense possibilities in the features attract more and more customers.

Sneakers come with USB charging and light switch remotes. Led sneakers have USB port fit inside the shoe so it can be easily charged. An inside button is provided, which can be used to change the colors of led from the interior button.

How do they work?

Led sneakers have solid-state LEDs sewn up in the fabric or embedded in the rubber window of the heel. Circuit, battery, and the sensor is present in the heel of the sole, which doesn’t cause any discomfort to the feet even when heels of sneakers are under a lot of pressure from the movement and weights of the wearer. Furthermore, in the case of LED sneakers, molten rubber can be hot and slightly conducting.

To prevent the damage on battery and circuit, they are covered in a plastic case. To avoid crushing and moisture damage to the plastic, the insides are filled with epoxy to fill the voids ? the most exciting feature of the led sneakers is to detect the feet movements of the shoe wearer. The technique usually involves a simple spring that bounces in contact with the floor.

Where do you buy LED Sneakers?

Though LED sneakers are available in shops, you can get much better varieties at reasonable prices in the online market ? our website for the first varieties of LED sneakers for children, men, and women. You can find many variations in sizes and colors. It is easy to find the best choice of footwear for or any occasion. This highlighted sneakers can catch the attention of people at a single look. Another benefit you may get if you buy led sneakers from our site as you can also be lucky enough to grab discounts.

Finding Colorful and Quality LED sneakers

Teenagers fancy led shoes, especially when they want to go to a party. Everyone desires to have a great looking and comfortable shoes in their wardrobe. It can be tricky to find the exact color you want in your sneakers.

If you want to buy led sneakers that can give you comfort and style being economical, then your search ends here. Our led sneakers have set the bar in terms of innovation and satisfaction, made from premium materials fused with new tech. We offer varieties in single colors and also multi-colored sneakers.

Do they Light up different colors?

LED lights in sneakers usually comprise of neon colors. Primary neon colors that are perfect for sneakers are red, green, blue, yellow, light blue, purple, white, and many more. We also provide multi colors and different working modes from a rainbow light to a strobe light rotating throughout all the colors. The rainbow blinking theme is most popular out of all.

Instructions on How to use Led Sneakers

How to use?

Nearby USB connection in the inside of the shoe, there’s a switch present. You can use this switch to choose one of these seven colors for lights or turn them off. Use it wisely and keep your shoes fit for a longer time by taking care of them. Remember that the sole has a battery and a circuit, which helps to give your sneakers the light. Just like too much exercise is suitable for regular sneakers, dance clubs runs, proms, parties, are all ideal for LED sneakers. Wear them at the right time and shine bright like a diamond.


Softly plug in the USB line for charging and let it charge. Usually, our led shoes can work for 7 to 9 hours after being charged for just 2 to 3 hours. The maximum charging limit sufficient for led working is 3 hours.

Size measurements

Buy your sneakers after getting detailed info about the size chart. Compare your feet size and select your perfect pair of sneakers.

Read more: A complete manual on how to use LED sneakers.

Best ways to Wash LED Sneakers

It can raise a question in your mind on how to wash your LED sneakers. Following the instructions for cleaning your LED sneakers will keep them durable for a much longer time. To keep LED life healthy, you may prefer using a cloth to clean it rather than washing. The rechargeable component in the LED sneaker will be safer if they are dry. You can brush up the dust and dirty stuff from your shoes quickly rather than washing it underwater.

It is better to use a damp cloth or sponge to clean them. Just wipe the sneaker with warm soapy water. The sponge can wash the fabric surface, and for rubber soles, you can use a toothbrush. To freshen up the insides of the sneaker, you can use bicarbonate soda. You can sprinkle it and keep it overnight, or you can also put a mesh cleaning cloth inside the shoes. These are the best methods for cleaning LED sneakers.

Here is a detailed guide on How to wash your sneakers the right way!

A Complete Guide on Getting a Pair of LED Sneakers 2

Why parents prefer LED Sneakers for their kids?

Clothing defines how the world sees you. For kids, all they care about it fun. Also, kids find glowing things awesome. More than the kids, its parents choose to give them lighted sneakers. We can only think of 2 reasons as to why parents might want this:

1. Kids love to Wear Sparkle

Everyone wants to see their child happy, and all kids love to wear shining shoes. It is a perfect birthday gift for a Christmas or a gift for any occasion. They love running and jumping around in them. And our sneakers are very suitable for the physical activity of kids anyway.

2. For their Safety in the Dark

Parents feel more comfortable if their kids are always visible in the dark. It makes them anxious when children play in dim light and the parents can’t find them easily. Wearing LED sneakers can make them visible and easily approachable by parents. If they’re going to wear shoes, why not one which is more preferably made for their safety? After all, precaution is the best safety measure.

Other unknown benefits of LED shoes for kids are

1. Corrects the walking of your kids

Your child will find it fun to see the LED light flashing again and again. So if he has a habit of walking on toes and tripping over quite often, he will stop doing that and start walking on his feet. When feet taps on the ground only then, the light will emit. To see the flashing LED, he will begin walking correctly.

2. Encouraging sportsmanship

With a great pair of LED shoes, any kid will be encouraged to engage himself in sporting activities. He would gladly join a football or basketball team to have more fun with his shoes.

3. Availability of many styles

LED sneakers come in many varieties of colors and rangers. They can be used for formal purposes as well as in nonformal setups like clubs for sports.

4. Enhanced dancing

There is no doubt after wearing the shoes, the kids will have the urge to jump and dance. You don’t require to worry about your kids sticking to the dancing lesson after they wear the shoes. They will never be bored with dancing. If anything, they will be excited to see the shining every time the tap feet on the ground.

5. Adding charm to the looks

This does not belong to only kids, but anyone who was LED sneakers adds the charm to itself. LED colors matching the outfit can sharpen your look and show that your shoes and clothes are in harmony.

6. Ideal present

You don?t need to think about what the next gift you will buy for your kids. Whether it is a birthday or Christmas LED shoes are a great gift. You will surely see the smiling faces of the child as they unwrap the pair of LED sneakers. It is an excellent way of showing love and expressing gratitude to your child.

Best Led Sneakers for Woman

Getting best-LED shoes depends on the outfit of a woman. More importantly, it should be comfortable to keep your feet and moods right. For women, it will not be wrong to say that fashion is the first preference. However, we have shoes that are fashionable but also so perfectly comfortable. Our LED sneakers for women come in brilliant designs and multi-colors. The best party wears for women are these LED sneakers. We have LED high top sneakers that can beautify your look.

Trending LED sneakers

1. Lightweight Elastic LED Sneakers

This pair of sneakers is beautiful in itself as the LED light glows throughout the sneaker in different patterns. You can get it in 4 colors. You can choose your perfect fit from size number starting from 25 to 45. You can buy led sneakers like this from the link given below.

Led sneakers for children

How to use: Switch on/off button is present inside the soles trapped at the back of the heel. You can press a red button to switch on and change the color modes. While pressing the red button for 3 seconds will turn off the light.

How to charge

As soon as you receive your LED sneakers, them for 1 to a maximum 3 hours. Its durable power time is 5 to 7 hours. However, different, shining themes consume power variably.

Ensure that USB cable is plugged in the right direction while charging to avoid any damage to the charging port.

How to clean

Make sure that the battery is exhausted before you start cleaning. You can clean the upper surface directly by using a wet towel. To remove stain and dirty spots you can use a sponge eraser and brush smoothly. Let your shoes dry in an isolated area. Get a detailed guide on how to clean up your sneakers.


2. Fashion Led Sneakers with Graffiti

This type of LED sneaker is famous for shining the bottom of sneakers, making it look cooler. A piece of great news about this sneaker is you don’t have to carry a separate charger for it to charge it now and then. It requires your mobile charger or computer USB interface. You can get 11 lightning modes including seven static colors and four charging modes. Charge as soon as you receive your sneakers as it may be out of power.

It is available in 6 colors. You can choose your perfect fit size starting from size no. 1 to 13.5. Other features include large battery capacity, 450 mAh, 1.665 WH, and 3.7V. It comes with four different flash modes. And seven static modes which are red, green, blue, yellow, white, light blue, and purple.It has 11 control stalls, the built-in steel bar reinforcement, and high purity led wick.

led sneakers with graffiti


3. USB Charging Children Sneakers

Here you can buy led sneakers for children that they will love. It is available in 5 colors which are white, red, yellow, blue, pink. You can get perfect shoe size for your children’s feet starting from size number 1 to 13.5. Do not forget to check Toe to heel size in inches or cm while you purchase.

It provides LED lightning to the bottom lace of the sneakers. It has two rollers present at the bottom sole to make the play more fun. Don’t worry about your kids slipping or sliding as our sneakers are designed to suit the posture as well as it can. Its good appearance will keep the kids wearing it and playing. In other words, they will always be active and healthy.

led sneakers usb charging


4. Pink Gold Children LED Sneakers

This sneaker is different than other sneakers as it gives multiple lightning and the bottom lace. It has a single roller at the heel bottom of the shoe. It comes in 10 attractive colors. You can find a perfect fit from the size chart starting from 1 to 13.5. Also, don’t forget to check heel to toe measurements before you purchase it. It’s highly fancy and attractive look makes it more desirable to kids.

led sneakers



Our collection has the best sneakers in the market which grab the attention of people around and makes you look more relaxed and cooler. While they can be used anywhere and everywhere, some spots are more appealing for them like disco, concert, dance club, prom night, stage performance, hip hop dancing, and many more. Best led shoes are the ones which bring style statement with comfort. And we have all types of sneakers that will match your expectations, perfect and elegant for every occasion. A single pair is not enough, grab more than one led sneakers from our website.

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A Complete Guide on Getting a Pair of LED Sneakers 4

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