Sneakers, metallic, bows: we already know enough about women’s sneakers and what you are going to wear this year. Let’s have a look at some of the trending fashionable Sneakers style in 2020.

Metallic Sneakers

Metallic Glitter Sneakers

The metallic lustre will remain relevant in 2020 both in sneakers for sports and in models for urban walks.?The latter are combined with skinny, boyfriends, models with appliqu?s and decor.?As the top, it is recommended to wear clothes of discreet colours: cold pink, almond, grey in various shades.?It is important to remember that sneakers should remain at the centre of the attraction.?In?total black look,??such an element looks especially impressive.

Metallic sequins Chunky Sneakers

Metallic sneaker

Women High Platform Metallic Sneakers

Metallic sneakers

Pastel Sneakers

Mint, lavender, pale pink is another colouristic trend in 2020 sneakers.?If clothes of such shades seem discreet and calm, then shoes can become the highlight of the image.?Most of these models are designed for the gym, but there are options for everyday wear.?You can wear them with dresses, sundresses, skirts of a milk or light grey shade.?Denim and brown accessories will also look stylish.

Women Vulcanized Colored Sneakers

Colored sneaker

Girls Rainbow Sneakers

pastel colore sneaker

Platform Sneakers

The platform will not only visually make you higher, but also emphasize your sense of style.?With these sneakers, ripped jeans, boyfriends, cropped trousers, huge puffy jackets or vests, oversized coats look perfect.?On the platform itself, there are often coloured stripes.?It is great if one of the main items of clothing is combined with them.

Colourful High Top Sneaker

platform sneakers

Women Platform Sneakers

platform sneakers

90’s Sneakers

Surely you remember them well.?A rough sole, an abundance of details, the absence of any grace – these elements, reminiscent of the ’90s, will again be in trend.?Stylish looks can be created with a short dress with polka dots and denim, a plain bright sweatshirt and black moms jeans, shorts and a turtleneck.?To balance such a set with help of aviator glasses and a?bag of a simple form without unnecessary details.

Breathable Air Mesh Sneaker

90s sneakers

Women Chunky Sneakers Autumn Winter Mixed Color

90s Sneakers

Soft Mesh Sneakers

This is a stylish option for warm spring and summer, as well as for going to the gym.?The grid provides the correct heat transfer, which is especially?important in models for fitness.?Mesh sneakers for urban style are recommended to be combined with denim shorts, skirts, chinos or light short sarafans and dresses in light shades.

However, it should be borne in mind that such shoes will not look appropriate with any outerwear like scarves, and other attributes of early spring and autumn.

Women Vulcanized Mesh Sneakers

Mesh sneakers

Air Mesh Breathable Colored Sneakers


Sock Sneakers

This is a shoe that sits on your foot like a second skin.?Convenience is the trend of 2019.?The sock itself is sewn from elastic breathable fabric, sneakers can be worn easily and quickly.?Combine with a skinny, with dresses, shorts, skirts.?Especially stylish sneakers-socks look in an ensemble with denim dress-shirts.?Valentino introduced models that are decorated with decorative elements!?These are best combined with monochrome dresses to match the shoes.

Women Vulcanized Mesh Sneakers


Casual Genuine Leather Suede Sneakers Unisex

Sock Sneakers

Black and White Sneakers

In 2020, the classic will remain in fashion: black and white sneakers.?Of course, you can wear white sneakers with light jeans (and dark ones with blue), but this is boring: the shoes are lost in shape, you are no different from thousands of other girls and women.?Black and white images (including striped clothing) look stylish.?If you want to dilute the combination, then add the colour of burgundy, dark purple or turquoise.

Air Mesh Breathable Colored Sneakers


Women Autumn Chunky Sneakers

black and white sneakers

Massive Sneakers With Fancy Details

Maybe the description is not the most harmonious, but the most accurate.?Just look at the Loewe models!?An intricate cape that resembles the tail of a rattlesnake will definitely set you apart from the crowd.?Louis Vuitton also introduced unusual sneakers with an S-shaped orthopaedic sole.

The original way of lacing, silk ribbons, bows and fringe also look relevant.?It is desirable to combine such sneakers with laconic cut clothes and a minimum of details.?But there are practically no restrictions in accessories: the image will be complemented by massive jewellery, glasses of an unusual shape or an?originally tied shawl?on the head.

Prova Perfetto 2020 Sneakers

fancy snneakers

Fashion Bling Platform Chunky Sneakers

Fancy sneakers


Fashion, in the end, is all about what you can carry perfectly and things that make you feel confident. In today’s world trends keep changing daily, so what matters the most is what you choose. We are just here to keep you updated on the latest fashion trends and whether you want to follow it or not is totally up to you.

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