Sneakers are very comfortable and stylish shoes for every day. They have long migrated from the category of sports shoes to a variety of style decisions. More and more women prefer this type of footwear. Today they can be worn with jeans, shorts and even formal pants. The most interesting and relevant option is the combination of sneakers and a dress.

You don’t need to be afraid of experiments and different styles in one look. Just follow the advice of the stylists of our site and feel free to wear dresses with sneakers.

How to Wear a Dress With Sneakers

Combining dresses with sneakers is quite simple. In general, there are no restrictions; there are only a few basic principles that are worth considering. Sports shoes for their purpose somewhat simplifies the image, keep this fact in mind.

Colored or Plain Dress with Sneakers

Colored elegant dresses harmonize with plain sneakers, but plain dresses can be worn with multi-colored sneakers.

Dress with sneakers

Monochrome Dress with Sneakers

A monochrome bow in one tone and is always a win-win. If in doubt, pick up white sneakers with a white dress.

White dress with white sneakers

Black sneakers look equally beautiful with both a dress of the same color and a contrasting one. With solid sneakers or sneakers with bright decor, it is better to wear a dress of a simple cut without unnecessary jewelry.

Black dress with black sneakers

It is best to start the experience of combining dresses with sneakers in a sports style. This is the simplest and most obvious option that suits everyone. For sneakers of the classic version, wear knitted dresses of a free cut. This can be an elongated sweater dress, shirt dress, long T-shirt dress or T-shirt.

Dress with sneakers

A sporty dress with a flared skirt goes well with sneakers, as does a dress with an asymmetrical hem and necklines. The length can be different: from mini to maxi. The main thing is that the image is as free and harmonious as possible.

Sneakers With Sundress

Also, you can safely compose sneakers and sneakers with sundresses. This solution is stylish and does not require special skills. It is good to wear light summer sundresses in the style of boho, ethically made from natural materials with sneakers.

boho dress with sneakers

Another universal solution – a black sundress in a sports style or in casual style.

Sundress and sneakers

Denim or Velvet Dress With Sneakers

Denim and velvet products also look very interesting with sneakers and sneakers.

Denim dress with sneakers

Summer Dress With Sneakers

Light summer dresses of different styles and textures will be the next step in the ability to combine different styles. Variegated dresses with puffy skirts and sneakers are perfect for young girls. Free-style knee-length dresses are a win-win option for all ages. And maxi walking dresses in combination with sneakers look especially feminine.

Summer dress with sneakers

For light dresses with silk and chiffon, it is better to wear sneakers with thin materials, not a rough style.

Dress In Jacket and Sneakers

Another trend that cannot be ignored is the combination of a dress with a jacket and sports shoes.

Dress, jacket and sneakers

Evening Dress With Sneakers

The highest skill is considered the ability to combine an evening or elegant dress with sneakers. Although this option is a bit controversial, it has a place to be. This style is chosen by the bravest girls who are used to being in the spotlight and breaking stereotypes. The main thing in this image is to maintain integrity, choose neutral sneakers or sneakers, you can match the clutch or the main outfit. Play on textures or embed the idea in this composition.

evening dress and sneakers

There are enough options to realize your fantasies. Feel free to try new looks with sneakers and dresses, and you will not go unnoticed.

You can wear sneakers with any outfit if you have confidence. People around the world have matched sneakers with saree ( Indian ethnic wear ) and many other dresses. After all, it’s all about how you want to carry yourself.

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