The question of how to properly clean suede sneakers at home is of more interest than caring for smooth leather models.

Many refuse to purchase beautiful sneakers precisely because they are from suede, and it needs difficult care. However, there are difficulties only at first glance. If you learn how to care for a new thing, it will not be difficult for you to occasionally clean your suede sneakers, because with proper care everyday cleaning is not required.

How to Clean Suede Sneakers at Home

To keep the shoes in their original form longer, treat them with special suede leather before first use.  According to the season, use water and dust repellent. Regularly renew coverage as instructed.

If the shoes are seriously dirty, there are several ways to clean the shoes from dirt, grease, stains, salt and restore its appearance.

Steam Cleaning

It has long been used to clean suede products, so it is considered a proven method.

Here you do not need to have various aids like aerosols, foams, lotions, creams. Only a steam source is needed. You can purchase a special device. But there is also a home way – a pot or kettle with boiling water is suitable.

You can also use a steam iron. In addition, you need to have only a damp cloth, and also a stiff brush specifically for such shoes. It is necessary to keep the shoes above the steam, rotating it in a circle, and then brush it well. After that, the shoes should dry out, but for now, you should not touch them.

Suede Sneaker Cleaning Brush

Clean your Suede Sneakers Differently in 3 Steps

First stage

It involves washing and cleaning. Rinse the material as soon as possible. This is required so that the suede has not had time to absorb too much moisture.

The first step is to clean the dry type. In other words, you just need to remove all the dust and dirt that has accumulated on the surface. To do this, use special brushes.

Usually, on one side they have a rubber type surface. It resembles fingers. On the other hand, there is a pile on the brush; it is very heavy and rude. The cost of such a tool is low, but the brush will be the best assistant in the proper care of suede shoes.

Suede Sneaker Cleaning Brush

When the dry dirt is removed, you need to proceed to a deeper cleaning, if necessary.

If the sneakers are very dirty, then you need to use a soap solution. To do this, you need to dissolve a little soap in warm water, and then add a few drops of ammonia. You should always remember that it is forbidden to rub a suede surface. It is necessary to move the bristly side of the brush over the shoes while making light circular movements. After this, rinse the surface with clean water. Instead, simply wipe with a damp cloth. After that, wipe with a dry cloth.

Second stage

The second phase of shoe preparation involves protective measures for it. After washing is finished, the sneakers must be protected from adverse environmental factors – to prevent moisture from entering the material.

Now there are many tools that are designed just for this. They have water repellent properties. Be sure to remember that the primary processing should always have 3 layers. Each layer of the product must be applied to the previous one, which is already dry. The next time it is enough to apply only 1 coat after the shoes have been washed.

Third stage

The third phase involves daily care. To do this, it is recommended to use a special paint, which is sold in the form of an aerosol. Such things usually have two directions. First, they help refresh the color of the suede. Secondly, they have dirt and water repellent properties. You can use not only paint but also a cream that has no color. It must be applied with a special sponge.

Using Improvised Tools

Before you clean your shoes, you need to prepare various cleaning products in advance. If there are no special creams and sprays, then this is a problem. You can take advantage of improvised tools that are easy to find in every home:

1. If sneakers are lightly soiled, you can use a mixture of soda and milk. To do this, you need 1 tsp. ordinary baking soda in a glass of milk. By the way, the latter must be chosen with a low level of fat. Next, in this solution, a small piece of tissue should be moistened. It should be dense and rough. An ideal option is a burlap. Now with such a rag, you need to rub the dirty places on the shoes.

2. To remove stains from shoes, you can use the usual solution based on water and ammonia. It will take a quarter glass of alcohol to dilute with clean water (1 glass). After this, a piece of cloth should be moistened in a liquid and begin to rub the surface.

3. washing powder. A conventional laundry detergent is also a universal tool that will help remove stains and dust from suede shoes. You only need to dilute a small amount of powder in warm water. Then wipe the sneakers with this mixture. After this, the surface should be treated with a dry, clean cloth. Then it remains only to wait until the shoes dry out.

4. If there are greasy spots on suede shoes, then, oddly enough, gasoline will save. But it must be used with talcum powder. If gasoline needs to be used in the same way as soapy water, then talcum powder must be left on the surface of the shoe. A few hours later you’re allowed to remove it. After that, clean the material with a stiff brush.

5. Coffee. Coffee grounds also do a great job of removing dirt on suede shoes, but they can only be used if the suede itself is brown. It is necessary to moisten a brush in the coffee grounds, and then rub the stains. When the surface of the shoe dries, you need to once again walk on it with a brush.

6. If the surface of the sneakers has become too dirty, worn and greasy spots remain on it, then you can use ordinary starch. It is necessary to sprinkle them on problem areas of shoes, and then wait an hour. After that, rub these areas with a dry brush (select only hard bristles).

7. Ammonia and starch. This mix will also help to get rid of the sleek look of suede sneakers. Moreover, it helps even in the most advanced cases. It is necessary to mix the ingredients in such a proportion that in the end it turns out just gruel. When the mixture dries, brush off the residue.

What Else will Help?

Dried Bread

One of the best-known tools to help clean shiny areas on suede sneakers is bread. But you need to use only heavily dried crusts. By the way, this option will help to fix the problem, even if all of the above tools did not help. Everything that remains on the surface will only need to be removed with a brush.


Emery paper acts like stale bread, so this material is also suitable for cleaning suede sneakers, which appeared ugly glossy areas. The sandpaper will help to correct such surfaces. It is enough just to rub the problem areas a little, and then with a special brush for suede to walk over the entire surface.

An eraser or Foam Rubber

If the surface of suede sneakers is just beginning to shine, then you can use an eraser or foam rubber. This will be the most sparing method. It is only necessary to rub the glossy surfaces with an eraser or foam rubber.

By the way, the foam should be tough. Everything that ultimately remains on the surface of the shoe needs to be removed with a brush (it is better to choose a fleecy one).

Why Not Wet Suede Sneakers?

Because the dirt is even more absorbed in suede it’s wet and, it will be much more difficult to remove it. If your shoes are wet or completely wet, you must first dry them and then proceed to clean them. You can learn more about how to wash your sneakers the right way.

To keep the shoe in shape after drying, use wooden rules (pads) or fill in crumpled sheets of newspaper in still wet shoes so that the toe of the shoe is straight. Dry suede, as well as any other shoes you need at room temperature, do not use any batteries and heaters.

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As is the case with any other delicate material (unless of course, it is genuine leather), suede sneakers get dirty quickly and are not at all easy to clean, for this very reason it seems to many not practical and short-lived. Or maybe people just don?t know the rules for caring for suede sneakers.

How to clean sneakers from suede should be known to every person who prefers to wear sneakers made of this material. Sports shoes get dirty quickly. In addition, if you use it for a long time without proper care, then shiny spots appear. Suede shoes should always look beautiful, so you need to clean them.

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