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Smell in Sneakers? 8 Tips to remove it immediately

Before getting rid of the smell in sneakers, you need to find out its cause. It is not enough to remove the unpleasant odour consequences because soon, you will face the same issue again. Once you have eliminated the cause, proceed to the following steps: washing and disinfection of shoes. This will clean the inner

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Sneaker Styling Tips for Men in 2020..! Pick your best 3 !

Who doesn’t like to sneaker styling? Sneakers, due to their convenience and comfort, have firmly established themselves in fashion. How to wear men’s sneakers? You can wear sneakers with everyday clothes: jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters, t-shirts, sweatshirts. In addition to sneakers, you can seal the deal with other sporting elements like a baseball cap or bag. A separate topic

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Choose Sneakers for Different Types of Training

The vacation season has come to an end, which means it is time to open the hiking season in the gym and take care of uniforms for effective training. If shorts and a T-shirt can still be purchased without additional recommendations, then why not your sports shoe?. Of course, everyone wants their sneakers to look

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sneaker head ? Life Without Sneakers is Impossible: 10 Main Reasons

Have you ever wondered why people started wearing sneakers, regularly replenishing their wardrobes and even collecting them? And all just because in the early 1990s these type of shoes have become an integral part of not only sports but also the fashion industry. Now it?s more challenging to find a person who would not wear

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Why Successful People Love Sneakers so much?

Each person surrounds himself with many things, among which, in particular, clothes and shoes. It is unlikely that you will remember all the things that were worn, say, three years ago. But some deserve attention and a particular conversation. The reason for writing this article was my excellent find. It turns out that you can

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Which Sneakers are Better: Nike or Adidas? [Alternatives Included]

The competition between the two most famous shoe companies began a few decades ago. Two fan camps are competing with each other. Today, Nike and Adidas produce not only sports shoes, but also clothes, accessories, and equipment. What should be considered when choosing and buying? Differences Between Nike and Adidas: Company Profile The world’s No.

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Why are People tired of Overpaying for Expensive Sneakers

Sneakers have been worn as athletic shoes for almost a century; they fell into urban fashion in the early 1980s, turning from training equipment into an object of pride for adolescents and a means to make life more comfortable for feminists and senior citizens. But sneakers really became a hyper status subject less than five years

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How to Dry Suede Sneakers

Suede shoes always look very attractive. This type of sneaker is chosen by people with a subtle sense of style and original taste. However, some are still afraid to buy sneaker or boots from suede, as it is well known that this is very moody and requires constant care. Experts advise you not to deny yourself the

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SNEAKERS – Selection tips, and Trends of 2020

The eternal difficult dilemma: beautiful heels or comfortable sneakers, the eternal classic or fashion sport is now resolved by itself. Leading fashion stylists loudly and boldly declared – sneakers to be such an unusual mixture of styles. Sports shoes and clothes are actively continuing intervention in the world of the modern fashion. So the world of haute

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