Designed for the Freedom to Walk- Best Sneakers of 2020

Do you really know Your Sneakers?

You wear sneakers every day, but do you know what which features make them comfortable for you? You can differentiate through styles and fashion if you know the essential parts of a regular shoe. Whether it is a sports shoe or formal sneaker, all are made up of these parts-

 1. Heel collar: It helps in cushioning the ankle and ensures proper fitting.

2. Achilles tendon protector: It locks the shoe around your heel and reduces the stress over Achilles tendon.

3. Insole: It helps to support and cushion your arch and foot. It would be better if your shoe has removable insole so you can launder and dry it between walking sessions.

4. Upper: It helps to hold your shoe in your feet. Usually made of leather, synthetic material, and mesh. The aim of the mesh is to provide better ventilation and lightweight.

5. Toe box: It gives room for the toes, and this round top box prevents calluses on your feet.

6. Outsole: It is always in contact with the ground.

Now that you know these parts of sneakers and what?s their role, you can easily tell which type of sneaker is suitable for you. If you have a clear idea about how sneaker works, you?ll find it easy to grab your perfect match. We have compiled a list of best sneakers of 2020, read below!

best sneakers of 2020

Does your Feet Shape Matter?

You may have never thought curiously about your feet being a problem while buying sneakers. Believe it or not, everyone’s feet are unique in its own way and have different comfort requirements. Although it’s not always possible to look after your feet and then buy sneakers, it would be good to know some facts about the issue so the process gets easier for you. After all, your feet should never be forced to adapt to a specific shape of your shoes; it should be the other way around.

Width and length

Too wide or too-narrow shoes can cause painful blisters or calluses. If the toe box isn’t high enough to provide proper room for your toes, it can lead to pain and hammertoes probably.

Arch type

Arches are formed due to the intricate alignment of ligaments, bones, and tendons of your feet. These are side to side (metatarsal) and lengthwise (longitudinal) arches. While you walk, these flexible and springy archers distribute the body weight evenly throughout your feet. So, in short, your feet arches are responsible for your feet to adapt to various surfaces while you walk.

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Choosing Sneakers considering Your Arch Type

While it’s not compulsory to buy sneakers depending on your feet type, it wouldn?t hurt to have some idea about it. Given three categories cover almost all types of feet arches, which are:

1. Neutral arched feet

It’s a blessing to have a neutral Arched foot, as it is not overly stretched or overly flat. It is almost entirely perfect. You need to look for sneakers with firm midsoles starting from straight to semi-curved shape. Another few things you might want to consider is the shape of sole and rear foot stability.

2. Low Arched or flat heel

Having low arches and flat heel can contribute to muscle stress-causing joint problems. Though it is not for sure, if you happen to have very flat feet, you should consider shoe having a straight bottom surface and motion control, which can stabilize your feet.

3. High Arched feet

High arches are responsible for excessive strain on joints, which can further cause muscle pains. Such feet are not able to absorb shock easily and quickly, mainly if you perform high energy or jumping activities. The shoes you will benefit from is the one having enough cushion to help with shock absorption. In the end, it is for sure that there is no best shoe in the market for a foot type. You need to make your peace considering the comfort and fitting criteria for the sneaker, at least that?s what people say.

Therefore, we are here to offer you the sneakers which are beyond all these fitting and comfort stereotypes. You will never need to look at these criteria and think about your foot shape if you are wearing our sneakers. They go beyond the limit when it comes to comfort and fashion.

How to Buy the Best Sneaker of 2020?

To get the most out of sneakers before purchasing it, you can consider these so that you don’t regret later on.

  • Get a pair of socks, and before you buy the sneakers, try walking in them by wearing socks
  • It is always great to buy shoes after you have done a lot of walking in that day because your feet are at their largest
  • Your feet size tends to change gradually over the years, so don’t stay hung up on the size you measured the last time you purchased your shoe
  • Do not forget to measure both of your foot for accurate measurement. It is not common but rarely possible for one foot to be slightly different than the other
  • There must be space of at least half of inch between your longest toe and the shoe end. Try to wiggle your toes after wearing your shoes to determine whether it’s comfortable for your toe or not
  • Be sure that your sneaker is wide in side to side fit and in longitudinal as well

Should you use Running Sneaker as a Daily Sneaker?

If you own a pair of running sneakers, this might have come across your mind, whether you can use it for your everyday use? Will it be appropriate to look at? The only way you can wear running shoes at your work is if they are formal and black, just like every office shoes. But that happens never, your running shoes never look formal; they are always funky and colorfully laced. They just don’t give a disciplined vibe. It’s when you want to show your sportsmanship and enthusiasm but not where you want to do your job.

Designed for the Freedom to Walk- Best Sneakers of 2020 1

Well, it can be appropriate if you have a job of being a runner. If you are employed in an office where you need to walk to so many places or sit at a single place for a long time then, running shoes will look very inappropriate. And not just at your workplace but at any other place it would be very out of fashion because you will not always wear your running outfit. If you want to stay in style and look professional at your job, then it can be disgraceful to wear the same sneakers. A good dressing sense is part of your job.

You cannot go there looking like a sportsman if you are executive of the company. Wearing proper outfit brings out your discipline and seriousness about the position. Sorry to say this but no, it would not be a good idea to wear your running shoes for a daily basis. Besides, don’t spoil it by wearing too much, maintain them for their purpose that is, running.

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How Sneakers became a Fashion Icon?

You probably own wide varieties of sneakers but it has hardly been 100 years since they became famous. Now we live in a generation where athletics shoes have made their mark as the coolest invention in the early 20th century. It presents the right side of pop culture development influencing hip hop and NBA.

After WW1, the government realized that their men are not fit to fight and have poor living conditions. This led to the manufacture of many sneakers at cheaper rates so that people can have healthy feet again. And since then, the era of sneakers began making it a fashion icon for both men and women. People started seeing its advantages and started wearing them more and more. There are a lot of benefits you get from wearing sneakers and that’s why they are preferred over any other footwear.

Being, most worn footwear, they are highly popular and loved by both kids and adults. It can give comfort, fashion, and protection to your feet as none of the other footwear cans. That is the reason people having several pairs of footwear obviously include sneakers.

Best Sneakers of 2020 that will soon become Popular among Men!

Men wearing sneakers depicts themselves as much as a woman with her heels. But obviously, women carry more pairs of shoes, heels and, sneakers than man which reflects on their mood, job style, and match attire. And because a man is so simple to own a few pairs of sneakers comparatively, they easily attract an audience, unlike women. After all, fewer shoes mean more to show with the few ones being repeated.

We can easily judge the man depending upon their sneakers. A self-involved man would wear a hard speciality leather having high shine at all times. Whereas, a much successful guy would choose to wear simple shoes as he cannot waste time for tieing shoelaces. A guy wearing shiny wingtips in leather loves to be in control and can be willing to stop. After all, it’s always fun to look at the sneakers men wear and tell a book about them.

Men prefer to wear sneakers as a means of showing how good looking they are. It won’t be wrong to say wearing a type of sneaker can show what kind of personality you possess. Considering the color, style, fashion, it can impress or disappoint.

As a remedy to all your problems, we give you a perfect pair of sneakers, which will shut everyone up. Of course, people will judge you but they will judge you for good being classy, standard, and unique. This shoe will get people to talk about your personality but positively.

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Casual Black Men?s Leather Sneaker

As you can see, its deep black color gives it a unique, attractive look making it suitable for every occasion. Made from premium leather, it can go with white as well as Black outfit. Most preferable for long walks and for office work. It is trendy among men who believe in good leather and classic look. There is no doubt about its quality as it is pure leather and supports your feet even after feet movements of a long time. It?s available in two colours, black and white. We guarantee you you will find it hard to get a good quality leather shoe like this anywhere else. So why waste time? Click the link below and grab the sneakers now.

Designed for the Freedom to Walk- Best Sneakers of 2020 3


Casual Sneakers for Men (Genuine Leather)

This is among the toughest collections you will ever see. Its raw look gives it the outdoor trend. It’s not shiny or glossy like other leather shoes but much better than those. You can go wearing it on hiking mountains for a road trip, do not be afraid as it is highly durable and will stay with you throughout the journey. Not just the strength it offers fashion as well. It’s a winter style shoe to keep your feet warm and protected from external hazards while maintaining its beauty. It comes in three colors khaki, wine, and grey. You can choose your perfect feet from size number 6 to 11.

Designed for the Freedom to Walk- Best Sneakers of 2020 5


Best Sneakers of 2020

LED Kids Shoe Spider-Man Style

Every child who watched a superhero movie had a fantasy about being a superhero himself. To let him cherish his dream, we bring you the authentic Spider-Man style shoes in the best fashion possible.

It’s fashionable appearance, and its web-like design will attract kids to wear it even more than regular sneakers. Of course, it has a picture of Spider-Man printed over the shoe. There is no doubt your kids will love it and remember this gift from you.

It comes in three colors, black-blue and red. You can choose the perfect fit size for your child starting from number 25 to 33.

colored sneakers


New Colorful Chunky Sneakers

These unusual-looking pair of sneakers look highly attractive after wearing. It is accessible in two colors, blue and grey, both of them made of pure leather. The unique design makes them different from regular sneakers keeping them on the wish list of every adult. You can get these sneakers in your perfect fit size, starting from 5 to 9.

Designed for the Freedom to Walk- Best Sneakers of 2020 7



In the end, we all agree that quality shoes are indeed beneficial for our daily lives. Having a good pair of sneakers can make your feet happier than ever. After knowing the difference between good and bad fitting for your feet, you can now easily go and grab the best sneakers of 2020 from the buy now links given above.

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