A Guide to Buying Perfect Leather Sneakers

Best Brands for Leather Sneakers

Honestly, there are many brands available for selling leather sneakers, but it isn’t for sure that they offer quality. Of course, many brands are claiming to offer genuine leather material sneakers, and the rising competition in the market makes the purchase decision even harder. You can buy leather sneakers which may look leather but are made of cheap material inside.

The quality of the sole used, leather, and the construction procedure of the sneakers, and its durability defines how good it is. A famous brand does not mean that it can guarantee the quality of the product. So we cannot be sure about the other brands but our brand is undoubtedly the one which is off the charts. The style and fashion complimented in the sneakers are sleek and contemporary; the material quality is premium and the procedure of making sneakers is in experienced hands.

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You no need to worry about the budget because the quality our brand offers is by far the best you can get under this budget. Sneakers have intricate design elements following real beauty and genuine textured leather. This economic rough and tough, comfortable leather sneakers are jaw-dropping and the best available in the market. Being not too heavy on your feet, it knows how to make you feel comfortable.

Features of Right Leather Sneakers

Before purchasing good leather sneakers, you must understand the properties a right leather sneaker has. Due to high competition in the market, you must be blinded by numerous features and thousands of prices but instead of going for the brand, choose a sneaker that has the qualities which make it best. After all, the brand is just a name; the authenticity of the product is all that counts.

A right leather sneaker has-

1. Durability

A genuine leather sneaker is a sturdy sneaker among the boots so it is meant to be durable. Being durable means not losing the strength and toughness even after used roughly. Leather is also known to give protection from cold and snow. Many times you might use it harshly and you can see the outside of the sole worn out because of intense walking or running. This indicates that it is not durable.

The main reason we purchase footwear is that we need it to stay fit for a longer time in rough conditions. So durability is most important to check before you buy a leather sneaker. Even if the sneaker has all the style and also comfort but it doesn’t stay long how are you going to use its other features, therefore in the end, durability is the first thing that matters.

2. Breathe Ability

Imagine your feet in your sneakers is all soaked up in a sweat and feeling wet. Nobody likes that feeling. A fantastic feature of genuine leather is that it lets your feet breathe inside the sneaker and feel fresh for a longer time. It’s the natural ability not to make it sweat inside. The keypoint is feeling comfortable while you walk even for a longer time on a sunny day. After durability, comfort is our priority regarding leather sneakers.

3. Easy Maintenance

You will know when you see a genuine leather because it can repel dust, water, fungus growth, and fire. Even after the sneaker gets dirty, it’s effortless to wipe it clean. Just take a damp cloth and wipe the top surface or you can also use a leather cleaner to keep it new and shining.

You can also use a buffing brush and cream to make it lustre even more. A fake leather would be much harder to clean as it will lose its shine after putting water in it, or by using cleaning agents. It will be hard to wipe its dust and clean it. The maintaining requirements of your sneaker tell about its genuinity of its leather.

4. Style

Leather sneakers are known for being elegant. This luxurious and beautiful sneakers always give a prestigious look. Even when it causes natural color or after dying, leather adds a degree of quality to any product or design. Every product containing leather becomes more attractive and looks powerful.

Whether it is a natural or colored leather, it is always smooth, beautiful to look at and soft. The stylish sneaker is the basic requirement one wants after comfort. In the market, there are many sneakers available but it won’t be sold if they don’t have that charisma. Therefore style is of utmost importance to give you a charming look.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility is the primary feature of good leather sneakers. You can walk and work for a longer time if your feet do not get all worked up. More flexibility means more comfortable to walk. Good leather will make you feel effortless during work while maintaining its shape and strength.

People often don’t consider this feature but when we think about it’s the essential thing for not just leather but any sneakers to give you a comfortable walk. A good, fit, and suitable material of leather will mould to the shape of your feet giving it extra comfort and support.

Benefits of Leather Sneakers

1. Water Resistance

Good leather is treated and waxed so that it can be resistant for water and other fluids. Leather sneakers can keep your feet dry and avoid any moisture getting inside the sneaker as they are highly water-resistant. They also prevent your feet from external damage and to the sneaker.

2. Extra Protection

A leather sneaker can provide your protection in a workplace when it comes to accidental injuries to your feet. It can protect your feet when hot liquid for small objects fall as it is thick and durable.

3. Better Fit

The best thing about wearing leather sneakers is that it moulds to the shape of your feet. While on the other hand, synthetic or plastic products may feel harsh against your feet and cannot accommodate the shape. It can adapt to every specific food shape which gives you extra comfort and support.

4. Comfort

Despite being durable, leather is also known to give utmost comfort to your feet. Its ability to adapt according to the feet provides support your feet moments and give the sense of comfortability. While you may not think it’s crucial but the way of walking depends on the well being of your feet. Proper posture and good work depend on your feet to maintain your back from any injury.

5. Eco-friendly

A good leather sneaker is easy to clean compared to other fabrics. You can easily clean your leather sneaker by wiping it with a damp cloth. As it is breathable, leather products can be dried up quickly after being washed. Anyway, synthetic fabrics are considered as harmful to the environment because, during the manufacture, they expel out toxic gases. Whereas no chemicals are used to make leather materials as they are natural making it eco-friendly.

Difference between Casual Sneakers and Leather Sneakers

While sneakers are very casual and can be worn on every occasion, leather sneakers are more of a formal type. You can wear sneakers while jogging, running, walking, doing exercises. While leather sneakers are much better suited for a formal occasion like the office or even for parties. You can buy leather sneakers that can make you stand out. It depicts the style of fine choices and taste in brands. It is easily used to enhance your overall look and make your outfit perfect.

Maintaining your Leather Sneakers

The branded leather sneaker needs proper maintenance to keep its shelf life longer. To maintain its best shape and its durability with the comfort you must know how to maintain it to last longer. Following these steps can help your sneaker to have a longer life.

  • Use vinegar and water to clean your leather sneakers
  • Consistently polish your leather sneakers
  • To waterproof your sneakers completely, use spray-on products
  • To protect your leather sneakers from wet weather put goloshes on it
  • Maintain the habit of inserting sneaker trees while you are not wearing the sneakers
  • If your sneakers have been out for a long time, use a soft clean, and dry cloth to wipe them. It will temporarily remove all the dust.
  • You can apply cleaner using a soft brush or by applicator stick in circles
  • You can remove salt stains by applying a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water in a soft cloth
  • Allow your leather sneakers to dry near or at room temperature. Don’t keep your leather sneakers near heat or light sources for too long.
  • Lastly, remember all these steps will work only if you have a genuine leather sneaker made of original material.

1. Protecting your Leather Sneakers

You can use a damp rag to apply the cleaning formula on the surface, and it will protect your leather.  You can prevent discolouration of your leather sneakers by applying a preventive formula on the surface of leather.

A Guide to Buying Perfect Leather Sneakers 2

2. Storage

Leather sneakers can have a longer shelf life if you know how to store them properly.it would be wise not to use plastic bags for storing leather. Plastic has the habit of drying up leather quickly so cloth bags are more preferable. The most possible best way of storing your leather sneakers is by keeping one sneaker per bag. It avoids prints of leather goods from spreading to each other.

Trending Leather Sneakers

1. Colorful High Top Sneakers

These are funky looking and multicolored long sneakers preferably for girls. Having flexible long black laces and detailed stitch work can quickly grab the attention of people as soon as you step on with it. It’s a highly attractive feature is the multicolor it possesses. It is perfect for shorts and other small outfits. You can wear it for going out for a walk in a park or ride a bicycle it is suitable for every place. It is available in two size numbers 4.5 and 5. You can easily buy leather sneakers from this collection category.

A Guide to Buying Perfect Leather Sneakers 4
Colorful High Top Sneakers | 311.06


2. Women Sneakers with Bow

Made from premium material, it is a mixture of classy and funky look. It is multicolored mostly golden and black. It is shiny and high top to give you a ‘heeling’ experience. You can get it in sneaker sizes starting from 35 to 39. It’s rough and tough bottom texture keep set durable for a long time.

A Guide to Buying Perfect Leather Sneakers 6
Women Sneaker With Bow | $37.54



3. Extreme Quality Black Men’s Leather Casual Fashion Sneakers

It is the favourite choice of men as these are the best formal sneakers one can get. It can be used in office work as well as in casual appearance. The best thing about these sneakers is it is an all-rounder and is suitable for every occasion whether it is formal or a get-together. Its deep black color gives it a matte finish and classic look, which makes it different from other sneakers. You can buy leather sneakers starting from size number 6.5 to 12.

Leather Casual Sneakers for Men | $41.24


4. New Leather Men Sneaker

This is by far the most suitable formal sneakers. It is comfortable and stylish for everyday use. Latest stylish, durable, and breathable to have long walks. You can get it in three colors black, deep blue, and golden yellow. It is available in sizes starting from 7 to 10.

A Guide to Buying Perfect Leather Sneakers 8
Leather Sneakers for Men | $26.98



We come up with original and unique products focusing on making your lifestyle better. The sneakers are made with extreme care to provide optimum comfort. You can find your favourite leather sneakers in our luxurious collection and also find discounts if you are lucky. You can take a look over the varieties of leather sneakers for both men and women on our website.

A right sneaker is a part of a charming appearance. We care about your look and comfort and hence bring you the most fashionable, latest and trending sneakers. You can buy leather sneakers from our website on account of its premium quality and excellent durability. Buy from us and we assure you our products will not disappoint you.

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