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Sneaker Styling Tips for Men in 2020

Sneakers, due to their convenience and comfort, have firmly established themselves in fashion. How to wear men’s sneakers? You can wear sneakers with everyday clothes: jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters, t-shirts, sweatshirts. In addition to sneakers, you can seal the deal with other sporting elements like a baseball cap or bag. A separate topic is sneakers in the official style

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Choose Sneakers for Different Types of Training

The vacation season has come to an end, which means it is time to open the hiking season in the gym and take care of uniforms for effective training. If shorts and a T-shirt can still be purchased without additional recommendations, then why not your sports shoe?. Of course, everyone wants their sneakers to look

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Life Without Sneakers is Impossible: 10 Main Reasons

Have you ever wondered why people started wearing sneakers, regularly replenishing their wardrobes and even collecting them? And all just because in the early 1990s these type of shoes have become an integral part of not only sports but also the fashion industry. Now it’s more challenging to find a person who would not wear

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Study: Why Collecting Sneakers is Cooler than the Work of Picasso and Dali?

Why did the boom in sneakers happen right now? I believe that several factors coincided. Many talk about the growing popularity of the athleisure style, but I don’t think that is the point. Fashionable sneakers and training sneakers are most often different shoes. More importantly, the modern buyer craves authenticity – something that would be

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Why Successful People Love Sneakers so much?

Each person surrounds himself with many things, among which, in particular, clothes and shoes. It is unlikely that you will remember all the things that were worn, say, three years ago. But some deserve attention and a particular conversation. The reason for writing this article was my excellent find. It turns out that you can

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Which Sneakers are Better: Nike or Adidas? [Alternatives Included]

The competition between the two most famous shoe companies began a few decades ago. Two fan camps are competing with each other. Today, Nike and Adidas produce not only sports shoes, but also clothes, accessories, and equipment. What should be considered when choosing and buying? Differences Between Nike and Adidas: Company Profile The world’s No.

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